Hello District 15,

 We have spent generations looking for solutions to major problems 

facing our country.  As Americans we have grown angry and tired of feeling left out of the conversation. 

There are many threats facing our nation today. We need to address those threats with real solutions! 

I believe ideas are the fabric of what makes America great. As a nation, we have built idealism for the whole world to follow, but we still have a long way to go. 

Below is the vision I have for the future of America:



Community Based Schools


We have a growing problem with our school systems in America:  (1) our public school teachers receive uncompetitive salaries; (2)  public education funding has been shifting towards a grant-based education for the few who attend private schools. 

I support community based schools and teacher pay increases and loan forgiveness. 



 Immigrants are being attacked every day in this country. We have to address this growing crisis in America! Unlike other candidates, I  believe in a pathway to citizenship contingent on a immigrant receiving a High school Diploma.

Veteran Support


Our warfighters have fought for generations to keep us safe.  Therefore, we need to fight for them! I propose amending our GI bills to include full education tuition relief, healthcare, and transition programs from them.



District 15 has a growing community. We need to build more roads here in Florida, and invest in mass transit for our growing population. 

Criminal Justice Reform


Incarceration has contributed to a wealth divide here in America. We need to focus more on Mental health training and decriminalizing certain offensives. 

Affordable Housing


Gentrification is real! We need to make affordable housing available for many families in America.